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Youth/County Court Districts:

First Judicial District - Rosedale, Mississippi

Second Judicial District - Cleveland, Mississippi




The Youth Court shall have exclusive original jurisdiction in all proceedings concerning a delinquent child, a child in need of supervision, a neglected child, an abused and/or a dependent child.


Terms of Court:

First Judicial District - Third Wednesday and Thursday of every month


Second Judicial District - Second and Fourth Wednesday and Thursday of every month.


General Information:

The Youth Courts deal with matters involving abuse and neglect of juveniles, as well as offenses committed by juveniles. Young people who have not reached the age of 18 may be subject to the Youth Court, although there are some exceptions. Some offenses which would be treated as crimes if committed by adults are known as delinquent acts when they involve juveniles.


In the 20 counties which have a County Court, those judges also serve as Youth Court judges. In counties which do not have a County Court, the Chancery Judge may hear Youth Court matters, or the Chancery Judge may appoint a lawyer to act in a judicial capacity as Youth Court Referee. 

P.O. Box 188

Cleveland, Ms 38732

Ph: (662)-843-7175

Fax: (662)-843-5337

Alecia Thomas

Youth Court Judge


Alecia Thomas Staff:



Larry McCalop, Supervisor

204 N. Pearman Avenue

Cleveland, MS 38732

Ph: 662-843-8556



Alidda Peoples, Administrator

PO Box 188

Cleveland, MS 38732

Ph: 662-846-7175



Hallie Moore, Director

204 N. Pearman Ave.

Cleveland, MS 38732

Ph: 662-846-6394



Kathy Moore, Director

Main Street Rosedale, MS 38769

Ph: 662-759-3466



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The County Court shall have jurisdiction concurrent with the

justice court in all matters, civil and criminal of which the justice court has jurisdiction; and it shall have jurisdiction concurrent with the circuit and chancery courts in all matters of law and equity wherein the amount of value of the thing in controversy shall not exceed, exclusive of costs and interest, the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars($200,000.00).


The County Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of eminent domain, the partition of personal property, and actions of unlawful entry and detainer


Terms of Court:

First Judicial District - Second Monday of April, August and December and continuing so long as may be necessary.


Presenting Cases:

Judge Hunter Nowell is available at any term to hear matters in her Court.  Motion days are each Monday in Cleveland beginning at 2:00 p.m.

County Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over eminent domain proceedings and juvenile matters, among other things. In counties which have a County Court, a County Court judge also serves as the Youth Court judge. County Courts share jurisdiction with Circuit and Chancery Courts in some civil matters. The jurisdictional limit of County Courts is up to $200,000. County Courts may handle non-capital felony cases transferred from Circuit Court. County Court judges may issue search warrants, set bond and preside over preliminary hearings. County Courts have concurrent jurisdiction with Justice Courts in all matters, civil and criminal.


General Information:

Mississippi has 20 County Courts and 29 County Court judges. Counties which have a County Court include Adams, Bolivar, Coahoma, DeSoto, Forrest, Harrison, Hinds, Jackson, Jones, Lamar, Lauderdale, Lee, Leflore, Lowndes, Madison, Pike, Rankin, Warren, Washington and Yazoo. County Court judges serve four-year terms. Elections are non-partisan.

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