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1.  How do I apply for homestead exemption and see who qualifies?

     - Review worksheet here and contact the tax assessors office.


2.  How do I apply for the special or over 65 homestead exemption and who qualifies?

      - the special or over 65 exemption is for homeowners who became disable or Turned 65 years old during the prior year.  It exempts the first 75,000 of true value from taxation.  Contact the tax assessor/ collector for more detail information


3.  What is the deadline for applying for homestead

      - April 1st of the year AFTER you move into your home


4.  Do I have to refile for homestead every year? 

       - No, not unless there is a deed change or a change in marital status.  Contact            the Tax Assessor for detail reason to refile. Provide phone number. 


5.  What do i do if move from my homestead property.

      - You need to come to the Tax Assessor Office and sign a "Request to Delete               Homestead" form


6.  How do I pay my land taxes?

    - Contact the Tax Assessor/Collector's office 


7.  How do I pay my delinquent taxes?

     - Contact the Chancery Clerk office 


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