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The Soil and Conservation District

In 1938, the Mississippi Legislature officially recognized that our soil resources were deteriorating at an enormous rate and that this was being caused by misuse or improper use of the land and the lack of applied conservation treatments or measures. It further recognized that if this were allowed to continue, the results would be disastrous. In its effort to resolve the problem, which was primarily soil erosion, the Mississippi Legislature enacted the Soil and Water Conservation Law, in which it created the Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission and made provisions whereby each county could organize a Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD).

Dale Garner

District Conservationist

406 N. Martin Luther King Drive

Cleveland, MS 38732

Ph: 662-846-1448 ext. #3

Fax: 662-846-5044


Our Mission Statement

The Bolivar County Soil and Water Conservation District works to carry out a cooperative program to conserve, improve and wisely use our land and its related natural resources for the long-term benefits for all urban and rural citizens. 


What Is Conservation District?

The Bolivar County Soil and Water Conservation District is a subdivision of state government that is responsible for conserving natural resources within the county.   The district, along with nearly 3,000 conservation districts nationwide, provides assistance to its citizens through cooperation with federal, state and local agencies, businesses and civic organizations. The district's goal is to help people in the wise management of land and natural resources by offering technical assistance and information.


The conservation district governing board is comprised of local citizens who volunteer to represent farmers, landowners, educators, businesses, land users and all citizens, young and old, in the district.   The board ensures a local voice in natural resource issues.

District activities include technical field assistance, urban development projects, environmental education and information programs and recognition programs to acknowledge people who practice land stewardship, along with a variety of other services.



Advice on erosion problems

Soils information

Drainage problems

Technical support on pond construction

Fish pond management

Farm planning


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