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Meet Will Hooker

The County Administrator position is a highly responsible administrative position involving the coordination and/or direction of county government operations. The Administrator acts under the policies determined by the Board of Supervisors and is subject to the Board's general supervision and control. The County Administrator will carry out the general policies of the Board in conformity with the estimate of expenditures fixed in the annual budget as finally adopted by the Board or as revised by the Board. The County Administrator establishes objectives, standards, and control measures within the context of the broad, general policy guidelines for departments under his or her control. Oversee the day-to-day operations of the County. The Administrator is responsible for organizing all county affairs falling under the control of the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors.  These duties include: budget planning, work projections, purchasing acquisition, cost control, personnel management goals and more.


About Will Hooker
Will Hooker is a native of Bolivar County and currently resides in Shelby MS. He is a graduate of East Side High School and received a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and an Executive Master of Business degree from Delta State University.  He began his professional career as a chemist for Baxter Healthcare and held various management positions over a 15-year time span, up to the position of Manufacturing Superintendent. He is a 1998 graduate of Leadership Bolivar County and a 2010 graduate of Leadership Mississippi, with both programs geared to identify emerging leaders at the local and state levels.

Will Hooker

P.O. Box 698

Cleveland, MS  38732

Ph: 662-846-5877 

Fax: 662-846-5880





Sonya Hooker -Executive Administrative Assistant

Annie Humphries-Wince- Administrative Assistant


Office Telephone - 662-846-5877

Office Fax - 662-846-5880




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Will is honored as a lifelong resident of Bolivar County to serve as its Administrator. He is devoted to providing transparent, effective and efficient services to county citizens. He embraces the county’s motto of “Working Together for a Better Bolivar County” through building bridges and relationships across local, state and federal levels — all the while improving the quality of life for citizens of Bolivar County.


Duties of the Administrator
"The County Administrator shall employ an office clerk and other such technical and secretarial assistance for the Board of Supervisors as may be needed. The County Administrator will also maintain an office for the Board of Supervisors and prepare a budget for his or her office subject to approval of the Board."

  • Be responsible for carrying out the policies adopted by the Board of Supervisors

  • Exercise supervision over the Boards or other divisions of county government

  • Exercise supervision over any and all purchases that shall be made from vendors whose bids have been accepted by the Board of Supervisors under the provisions of the law. In addition, have general supervision over the receiving, and inventory control of these purchases.

  • The County Administrator sees that all orders, resolutions, and regulations of the Board of Supervisors are faithfully executed.

  • The Administrator is charged with the responsibility of securing insurance coverage on such county property as the Board shall decide should be insured and of securing any other insurance required or authorized by law. He or she shall work out a plan of insurance for the county which will ensure minimum premiums.

  • The Administrator shall receive inquiries and complaints from citizens of the county as to the operation of county government, investigate such inquiries and complaints, and shall report the findings to the Board and the individual Supervisor of the District from which such inquiry or complaint arises.

  • Prepare the budget for consideration by the Board of Supervisors and assist the Board in the preparation of the Tax Levy.

  • Have general supervision over the employment of any and all county employees and personnel policies and procedures, as well as, have general supervision over the safety of said employees.

  • Have general supervision over any and all data processing throughout the county to include all computer related equipment and necessary contracts for the maintenance of said equipment.

  • Have general supervision over any and all maintenance for county owned and/or leased buildings and grounds.

  • Have general supervision over any and all county refuse collection procedures in conjunction with the Solid Waste Management District and the Wastewater Management District.

  • Have general supervision over any and all planning, zoning, and building code ordinances adopted by the Board of Supervisors and shall administer such ordinances.

  • Meet regularly with the Board of Supervisors and have full discussion privileges but not vote.

  • Is the contact person for any/all contracts the Board of Supervisors executes.

  • Makes reports to the Board from time to time concerning the affairs of the county and keep the Board fully advised as to the financial condition of the county andfuture financial needs

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