Brenett Haynes

Chancery Court Clerk

Rita Jones Smith

Deputy Clerk /Office Mgr

First Judicial District

P.O. Box 238

Rosedale, MS  38769

Ph: (662)-759-3762

Fax: (662)-759-3467

Second Judicial District

P.O. Box 789

Cleveland, Ms 38732

Ph: (662)-843-2071

Fax: (662)-846-2940

Office Hours:
8:00A.M. –5:00P.M.
(Except on legal holidays)

The Chancery Clerk’s position is an elected county- wide position for a term of 4 years.


Clerk to the Board of Supervisors
Keeps and preserves Board of Supervisor Board Meeting Minutes
Assist Board of Supervisors in preparation of County budget

Homestead Applications

Reviews Homestead applications for accuracy, completeness, and eligibility
Prepares Homestead Assessment rolls
Communicates with Homestead applicants upon disallowance by State Tax Commission
Prepares Board Order relative to rejection/objection of homestead disallowances

County Treasurer and Auditor

Responsible for receipt of all county funds
Prepare warrants for accounts payables invoices upon approval by Board of .Supervisors
Confirms accuracy of all accounts payable invoices

County Comptroller

Responsible for securing loans upon request by Board of Supervisors
Reports to Board of Supervisors on the financial strength of County
Responsible for investment of County funds

Collector of Delinquent Taxes

Responsible for collection of all delinquent taxes for a two- year period
Responsible for notification of maturing delinquent taxes to property owners and lienors
Responsible for distribution/settlement of all collections of delinquent taxes

County Recorder

Records and preserves all Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Power of Attorney, Uniform Commercial Codes, Federal Tax Liens, Military Discharges, Construction Liens, Lis Pendens, Bankruptcy Petitions, etc

Clerk of the Chancery Court

Maintains all court documents related to Divorces, Child Custody/Support, Equity regarding land issues, Probate of Estates, Mental Health Cases, Alcohol/Drug Commitments, Guardianships, Conservatorships, and Adoptions
The Clerk in office shall perform all duties set forth without additional compensation or fee to wit:

Divorce to be contested $75.00
•Divorce uncontested $30.00
Altercation of birth/marriage record $25.00
Removal of minority $75.00
Guardianship/Conservatorship $75.00
Estate of deceased, intestate $75.00
Estate of deceased, testate $75.00
Adoptions $75.00
Land dispute $75.00
Injunction $75.00
Settlement of small claims $30.00
Contempt in child support $75.00
Partition suit $75.00
Any Cross-complaint $25.00
Copies of above files $.50 per copy
Issuance of Sheriff Summons $25.00 per summons
Additional Defendants $1.00 each
Certified Mail cost
Publication cost assessed to responsible parties

Assessment Fees
Law Library $2.50
Court Administrator $2.00
Judicial Training $2.50

All Chancery court files are public records unless sealed by the Chancellor

Adoptions and Mental Health files are sealed files unless ordered by the Chancellor

Presently, Chancery Court files are not computerized or assessable via Internet.

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